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Common Slots Tournaments That Players Join

Online casinos organize different slots tournaments such as scheduled, sit and go, and invitation-only competitions

Many casinos feature slots online tournaments, including sit and go, scheduled, free, entry fee, open, and invitation competitions. Each tournament has pros and cons and targets different types of audiences, from newcomers to experienced players and high-rollers.

Scheduled Tournaments

This type can go for a month or longer or for just five minutes but always has predetermined start and end time. Competitions that go for weeks or days typically feature a big prize pool. The 2009 Grand Slam of Slots, for instance, offered a top prize of $1 million and had a prize pool of over $1.4 million. In addition to big prize pools, other advantages for players are the fact that they can rebuy and join in at any time before the tournament ends. The downside is that these tournaments are hard to win unless you are a pro.

Sit and Go

Unlike scheduled competitions, sit and go tournaments begin only after enough players join. Not only is the number of participants smaller but they also run at a faster pace than scheduled competitions. This also means that the prize pool is smaller. At the same time, as fewer players can join, the chances of winning are also bigger.


As the name suggests, these tournaments are reserved for participants that have been invited to join in. When offered online, they target regular players who compete against other users. This is a way for online casinos to reward frequent players for their loyalty. At physical casinos, it is typically high-stake players that are invited to join which makes it hard for regular players to get an invite.

Entry Fee

Most casinos require that participants pay an entry fee to enter invitation-only and open tournaments. Competitions that feature a big pool prize also have a higher entry fee.


In addition to tournaments with attractive prize pools, online casinos feature exclusive offers and promotions to keep customers engaged and coming back. Platforms like hudsontaylormusic.com, Sky Casino, and many others offer weekly and monthly promotions to regular players and members who join loyalty programs. Casinos also feature competitions that members can join for free.

Free tournaments are offered to reward regular customers and to attract new players. You join for free and have the chance to win real cash. There are some platforms that frequently organize free tournaments which is something worth exploring.

Regardless of the type of tournament you choose to join, you will be offered credit that you must play over a certain period. In most cases, you will have 20 minutes and when the tournament ends, the amount of your winnings will be used to determine your score. With online competitions, the setup is similar, the only difference being that technology allows for more freedom in how tournaments are organized.


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