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Did you know these strange poker facts?

Check out some really weird poker facts about lapak 303 and the game in general. Learn some new information about the poker game and how it appeared on the world, what were like its advance and progress during the years and many more interesting and cool things you would be interesting to know.

Poker isn’t just one of the most common and popular game you can play in lapak 303. It’s also one of the oldest games ever. With a history of more than two centuries, poker has been well-known across the whole world and no matter how old, it’s still the gold in any casino room or online bookmaker. You might know the poker rules. You might be even one of those experienced punters who have had thousands of winning hands during your practice. But…Did you know all of these strange, weird and not so popular poker facts, guys?

  • The longest poker game has duration of more than 8 years. To be more specific it lasted 8 years and nearly 5 months. This was back the last years of the 19th century. It’s an interesting fact that the location was changed a couple of times, but remained in the territory of Arizona State. It’s even more interesting that the buy-in cost one thousand dollars.
  • One of the most popular celebrities who were a total genius in poker was one of the most popular American Presidents. Richard Nixon had no issues to play the game, although, he had knew for the whole time how badly his decent family denied the essence of any gambling form. But in the Navy he didn’t just become keen in the game. He made lots of money.  
  • There’s a theory according to which poker originates from the domino terms and conditions. Many gambling lovers who are fond of studying the appearance of different games claim that poker was discovered during the domino era. Domino used to be a very popular game a couple of centuries ago and according to the rumors people, who were kind of bad in domino playing had decided to create a different, but similar game where to win. That’s why websites like lapak 303 include domino alongside with traditional poker types.
  • If we should count all the potential poker hand combination in a poker game with 7 cards, the number is impressive. As a matter of fact, scientists cannot count them accurately. They claim that they are more than 3 million.
  • In past, poker cards had different suits. Actually, all card games used to be played with different designs during the middle ages. The suits were, to be more specific the following: coins, cups, sticks and swords. It’s a curious fact that antiquate shops tend to offer the tourists such cards claiming that they are authentic, but the truth is that there’s no full pack of these old types of cards nowadays.

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