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Facts to know before starting playing poker in Indonesia

Read about everything you should know when it comes to playing in link alternatif pokerace99. Find out some useful information about Indonesian poker websites and their rules.

Asian gambling market has experienced a huge breakthrough during the last couple of years. Every day we see a new website on the block being happy that finally, the European casinos are not the only options to play poker. For all poker lovers, who feel thrilled about playing the game in an Indonesian website, we have a couple of things to share:

  1. It’s totally legal to play poker in Indonesia if it’s legal to gamble in your own country. Indeed, Indonesian people are a bit limited in this matter. However, if you live in a country where it’s ok for a person of a legal age to play poker, you can play it in an Indonesian platform, too.
  2. The legal age in Indonesia is the same as in your own country – 18. Attention – for those of you who are based in regions, where the legal age specifically for gambling is different (for instance, 21) you cannot play poker in an Indonesian website, if you are 18-years old.
  3. Most of the websites for poker in Indonesia are 100% accessible. There are, though, still young, but reliable and cool poker companies that haven’t bought licenses to operate in all of the countries. If any of these countries is yours, though, don’t worry. You can still play in such a website. It’s called a registration and playing mode through a link alternatif pokerace99. Just click on it, and you will be transferred to the same platform, but located at a different server.
  4. Prepare for amazing bonuses you might have never met in any European website. Indonesian poker bonuses are really intriguing not only because they are generous. Sometimes, they are even unique for the entire market. We definitely recommend the poker pros to test an Indonesian website even if it’s only about seeing these original promotions.
  5. In an Indonesian website you might also meet poker formats you have never seen before. It’s a typical characteristic of the Asian casino market in general. The Asian gambling operators are very creative when it comes to modifying traditional games or introducing to the whole world their local card (or other similar) type games in a gambling form. When it comes to poker, you will even find products that combine typical Texas Hold Em features with the traditional domino game. By all means, it’s worth it to try such a new thing and freshen up your gambling experience.

We are confident about the high quality of all Indonesian poker websites. And we truly hope you will all meet them, because they have the potential to become the next leaders in the industry. Plus – they have a lot of awesome poker services to offer you.


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