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Top slot 2020 trends that appeared to be correct

See the predictions for judi slot online in the 2020 indeed happened. Find out more about the new things in the slot sphere within this year.

In the end of the previous 2019th year and the beginning of this crazy 2020th year the specialists in the field of casino products released a couple of reports. Within these documents we had the chance to meet the predictions about the next 12 months. Regarding the progress of the online slot machines it seems that most of the experts were kind of right.

Today, we want to present you some of the top curious and interesting slot 2020 trends that appeared to be the adequate and correct predictions as we see them happening today. Check them out right away:

  1. Multi-channel experience with sport betting. At first, such an idea was too weird to be accepted by the players. However, since the Covid-19 crisis suspended all of the possible sport events, the punters saw an amazing opportunity to remain in the gambling sphere, but still practice their preferred activity – placing sport bets. And this is how the rise of sport betting slots has stared.
  2. Multipliers are no longer x2 or x10. Today, we see massive record-breaking x32 and x64 multipliers. Of course, they are more popular in the sphere of judi slot online experience. However, who cares? Especially by having in mind that about 74% of the active slot players are actually experienced online gamblers!
  3. Virtual reality is indeed one of the innovations for the 2020 gambling experience. And the best niche to implement it is the sphere of casino slot games. Although there are no so many VR slots today, we see the trend has been happening dynamically fast every day. Hence, let’s not forget that virtual reality is still a new thing on the block, so there’s no way for all the casino providers to immediately adopt it in their portfolios.
  4. Some big improvement in the gameplay is visible every day. To be more specific, we observe that most of the slots have been upgraded focusing on the gaming element. The slots are no longer machines you just spin and see some elements mixing during your gambling experience. On the contrary, there’s now a whole plot, background history of the game and the sequels to so many retro slot games are the big evidence for this trend to indeed happen.
  5. 3D slots are indeed the future. Actually, they live in the presence. According to the statistics, about 15% of the best game developers have released at least 2 3D slots since the beginning of the 2020th year. And the best thing is that since you, the players love the 3D experience in gambling, we will keep seeing such slot titles in future, too. By all means we would say that 2020 is the year of the 3D design in the slot niche.

What did you expect to happen this year? Were your expectations met by the providers? Well, we can definitely say that in the 2021st year we might expect even more from the slot developers!


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