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Types of Casino Bonuses for New Players and Regular Customers

Casino operators offer different types of welcome offers and no deposit, referral, and loyalty bonuses.

Online and land-based casinos offer a wealth of bonuses and incentives to encourage players to join and get involved. There are different types of rewards that gaming enthusiasts enjoy, including loyalty, preferred deposit, no deposit, reload, and sign-up or welcome bonuses.

Welcome Offer Packages

Also known as sign-up and new player bonus, this is a type of incentive that targets new customers. The average amount you can expect to get is $100. Some providers advertise larger bonuses but they are usually divided into increments and not offered as a lump sum. In general, casinos feature two types of welcome offers – match and percentage bonuses. The latter refers to a bonus that matches the deposit made by the player but if the casino only offers 75 percent, you will get 75 cents for every dollar that you deposit. If they offer 200 percent, this means that they will add $2 for each $1 that you deposit. The percentage bonus is a second variety which is usually based on the amount deposited and can vary between 50 percent and 500 percent.

No Deposit

This is a popular reward offered by casinos whereby players are not required to make a deposit. No deposit bonuses are usually advertised as a welcome offer, with cash being credited to the player’s account. The average amount you can expect to get is $10.

Free Spins to Earn Real Cash

It is slot online games that feature free spins so that customers can play for free. Again the goal is to turn newcomers into regular customers as this is an incentive included as part of the welcome offer. Some casinos require a deposit to claim your free spins while others advertise it as a no deposit bonus.

Preferred Deposit

This type of deposit is offered to players who opt for the casino’s preferred method of payment for crediting cash to users’ accounts. The amount that you can expect varies from 5 to 15 percent. It should be noted, however, that if the website’s terms state that the preferred deposit bonus is up to $1,500, you need to deposit $15,000 if the top limit is 10 percent.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty bonuses are typically reserved for regular players with a VIP status. Big gaming providers feature loyalty programs that offer rewards points for playing different types of games. Betting on slots typically earns more points than wagering on poker due to the higher variance that slot games offer. In addition to rewards points, casinos also offer incentives such as access to tournaments, gifts for holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays, and higher deposit bonuses. Other perks that customers enjoy include reward draws, special gifts, quick cash-out processing times, and cashback offers. VIP players also benefit from an extensive selection of premium games and access to exclusive events.


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