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Warning: these things are not right about slot machines!

Do not believe in these things when you login osg777. Find out some of the worst wrong conceptions about the slot machine games.

When you read something in the web, do you check it twice or three times to get confident whether it’s true or a lie? Unfortunately, only 10% of you will answer positively to this question. This is how fake news spread across the World Wide Web and make catastrophic consequences we live in every day.

Apart from the political and economic consequences that are not expert enough to comment (although, today everyone seems to be an expert in these fields), we are confident about a thing – fake news and wrong information about gambling world has been spreading daily, too, and with a huge speed. A speed you cannot beat up at all!

But, though, we will make an attempt. We will start with all those wrong things we have read about slot machines in the web. And, believe us, they are a lot.

  • The temperature of the coin influences on the final result in your slot machine experience. According to a group of people from the States, who used to play slot games every day, but a couple of decades ago, the cold coin cannot bring you any luck. That’s why you should warm up your chips or coins in advance.
  • The online casinos with VIP clubs offer better odds to the loyal customers in different slot machines. There are many privileges you can take benefits of if you are a member in such a club. Hence, getting better odds in a slot machine is not one of them.
  • Slots with progressive jackpots are the better options than the standard slots. This is why they are not so promoted in the web. When you login osg777 you will, indeed, see that the random slots have lower jackpots in comparison to the progressive jackpot games. But that’s the main specification about a jackpot that’s progressive – it’s gradually increasing, but there’s no guarantee that in a certain game it will reach an enormous amount. Someone might get it, right? Plus – there’s a fact you should know about the slot machines with progressive jackpots. They are harder to be won.
  • The more reels a slot machine has, the higher outcome you will end up with. Practically, this might be true, but no 5-reel slot provider guarantees you will hit its jackpot. The reels increase your chances for a win, but they don’t give you any promise if alongside with the gameplay you don’t achieve any results.
  • Slot machines become more generous at night. This myth has its explanation and we know it. Indeed, a research has come up with the conclusion that about 76% of the jackpots are hit at late night. But this is not because the slots become more generous during the evenings. It’s because that’s the time when the gamblers have more leisure time to spend in playing slot machines. The same goes for the offline casinos, which are more lively at nights. 

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