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Here are the best casino bonuses according to the gambling pros

See the traditional pro’s opinion about the best casino bonuses. Find out what the experienced punters prefer to receive as gifts from the gambling companies.

It turned out the novices and the pros in gambling distinguish not only by their level of experience and quality of skills, but also by their preferences. According to a recent research, pros point out completely different promotions for their top best casino bonuses in comparison to what the newbies in the field prefer to receive as gifts from their online gambling providers. If you are interested what kind of bonuses the casino pros like, keep reading.

Only 28% of the experienced punters are interested in welcome bonuses

Unlike the newbies who are about to explore the enormous world of online casinos, the pros in the field have been already familiar with what this world can offer them. Moreover – the experienced players prefer to use their current betting houses rather than changing them on a regular basis. This is why they are not so interested in welcome bonuses at all. Don’t get us wrong, guys. There’s nothing bad in testing differing online casinos. On the contrary – it’s a very enriching practice and it expands your gambling mindset. The pros, though, don’t take this approach, because they believe they have seen everything and there’s nothing so special or exclusive a new casino can offer them.

The most experienced punters claim that the best casino bonuses are cash back bonuses

The pros love making business with a small amount of money. They know how important it is to stick to a particular bankroll management systems. Rather than investing a lot of money, they prefer to play with small cash amounts and make fortune by making these small amounts bigger and bigger progressively. The experienced punters are just very familiar with the risk management, which is why they appreciate the casinos that tend to give a certain percentage of a punter’s losses back. In other words, the fast-thinking and risk-managing pros believe that the best casino bonuses are the common cash back bonuses.

But they also value the reload special offer

Similarly to the cash back bonus, the reload bonus is a way for the casino provider to compensate the punter’s investments made in the website. In this case, though, the reload bonus is an approach the company takes to appreciate the existing customer’s activity in a platform. What do we mean? The reload bonus offers the player a certain percentage of a deposit to be restored and return to the player’s account balance. The betting companies, though, prefer to offer such promotions only to punters, who invest a lot in the website. This is how both sides are satisfied – the company gets a bigger flow of money in the system, while the experienced punter is motivated to invest more money in this same system.

Ok, let’s say you are an experienced punter, too. What’s the most amazing bonus offer you have ever received? Tell us details, we are curious to find out.


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