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7 Fun facts about slot games

Did you know these entertaining facts about slot pragmatic games? Check out some of the most amazing things regarding the history and the essence of the slot game.

Slot games are as popular as hell. Every day about two millions of people play slot games in the internet at the same time. Averagely, one slot machine in an online casino is used by nearly 1000 gamblers from all around the planet. But these are only numbers; wait to hear some of the funniest facts about slot games!

Below, we want to entertain you with the following 7 fun facts about slot games. Check out if you knew any of them before:

  1. The slot game is 140-year ago. Many people believe that the slot games are actually some of the newest gambling products ever. However, just because we see so modern slot pragmatic games in amazing contemporary platforms it doesn’t mean that the slot machine doesn’t have its retro time.
  2. Slots are the casino’s most favorite game, not only yours. The slot game is among the top 10 popular casino games in the world. Within this chart we see the four legendary table games, we believe every one of you have tried at least once – Blackjack, roulette, Baccarat and craps. But did you know that slot machines bring the biggest income for the casino? To be more specific, the entire amount of money the four legendary table games bring to a gambling company is equal to the revenue from slots only.
  3. The country with the biggest number of slot machines is…Japan!  We are almost sure that at first you thought we would say the States or the UK. Indeed, slots are very famous in the USA and gambling in general is very modern in the UK. However, Japan keeps the record for the biggest number of slot machines (we mean both – physical and online).
  4. Slots used to be called fruit machines, which is why today in many countries there are two different categories in the casino – fruity slots and slots (all other slot types). As you can guess, one of these countries is the USA.
  5. No strategy in a slot machine experience comes with 100% certainty you will win. As a matter of fact, the best tactics in getting the most of a slot game is not manipulating the gameplay, but instead to be a financial guru and to make good accounts in your bets and budget distribution in different slot games.
  6. Most of the slot games nowadays come with at least 90% RTP. However, the slots with RTP lower than 95% are considered today as not worth it to be played. There’s a trend according to which this percentage will raise up to 97% during the next ten years.
  7. The average progressive jackpot in this type of a slot game is almost the same as the win in a regular lottery. The chance to win the progressive jackpot, though, is a bit higher, but it is still very small in comparison to the chance to win in a standard slot game.

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